2021 - “Institutional Development of the Center of Social and Humanitarian Aspects of Regional Research Sumy State University“ (The International Renaissance FoundationGutentor Simple Text)

2021 - Research for accessibility and quality of offline and online services of CNAPs (Sumy and Chernivtsi territorial communities) (The International Renaissance Foundation)

2021 - “Development of a roadmap for the prevention of oncological gynecological diseases in the Sumy region” (The International Renaissance Foundation)

2018-2020 - «Investigation of ways of improving the structure and level of employment of the population in the labor-surplus territories of Sumy region” (Department of Social Protection of the Sumy Regional State Administration, with the support of the European Union)

2019 - Project «Women Voices Count 2019», NGO «Human Rights Foundation», «Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen».

2019 - «Steep Adventure Season Project» (supported by Sumy City Council). The purpose of the project was to receive adolescents with at-risk-of-life restoration in difficult life circumstances, to develop an active public position.

2018 - Project «Women Voices Count 2018», NGO «Human Rights Foundation», «Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen».

2018-2019 - «Internally Displaced Persons and Host Communities: Building Tolerance through Dialogue» (Charles Stuart Mott Foundation).

2018 - «Increasing the capacity of local initiatives through networking and technology» (Sumy Regional State Administration).

2017 - Project “Mentoring Innovation Programme «Е-Solutions» for Sumy Region Leaders», Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

2017-2020 - Project «Prevention of Violence among Children and towards Children in a Schools» of NGO «Women's Consortium of Ukraine», Save the Children International

2016-2018 - project “Building women's political lobby in Ukraine” of Women Consortium of Ukraine

2015 - Project “Gender monitoring of local elections in 2015 in Ukraine” (with support of all-Ukrainian NGO “Women’s Consortium of Ukraine” and IDEA (Sweden)

2015 - «Cultural Marathon in Sumy Region», Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (DVV International)

2015 - "Youth cultural initiatives as a way of reconciliation in Ukrainian society", Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (DVV International)

2014 - Project "Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Ukraine" (supported by the NGO "Women's Consortium of Ukraine" and Save the Children)

2014 - project "New traditions in Sumy Region – celebration of Fathers’ Day” (with support of Department of Youth and Sports of Sumy Regional State Administration)

2012-2013 - project «The right to opinion expression: prevention of violence including sexual assault and promoting «Child friendly» forensic psychological procedures» (with support of BICE – International Catholic Child Bureau «Dignity and rights of the child»)

2012-2015 - “Equal opportunities in getting profession for young mother-students in higher educational establishment” (with support of European Commission)

2010 - «Business Start - supporting women's initiatives» (The Equal Opportunities and Women's Rights in Ukraine UNDP)

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